‘Pepa Niebla’s album is beautifully written, executed and harmonically rich.  It takes you on a journey.’
Shai Maestro. Composer & Pianist

‘It is always a pleasure to discover new talented composers that make use of their intuition to create well-balanced music with refined musical taste. I very much look forward to hearing new works and the musical evolution of Pepa Niebla.’
Michel Bisceglia – Composer & Pianist

‘Listening to Pepa Niebla’s music one immediately feels that everything is so gracefully balanced out. Beautiful singing, strong compositions performed. With heart, enthusiasm and power makes this project a very strong one and a very rare one. Highly personal, rooted in tradition yet looking into the future.’
Diederik Wissels. Pianist and composer.

‘One of Pepa Niebla’s most notable qualities is the warmth of her voice, which is an extension of her persona carrying her emotions directly to her audience.’
Javier Ruibal. Composer and writer.

‘Warm and elegant, Pepa Niebla’s voice reveals echoes of the great jazz divas.’
Nuria Barrios, El Pais




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