‘Pepa Niebla’s album is beautifully written,

executed and harmonically rich.It takes you on a journey.

I highly recommend you to check it out!’Shai Maestro

Vocalist and composer Pepa Niebla releases Renaissance, her first album of original compositions following her releases Pepa Niebla Project and Pepa Niebla & Ricky Vivar. The album features guitarist Toni Mora, pianist Maxime Moyaerts, double bassist Alex Gilson and award-winning drummer Daniel Jonkers. Renaissance offers 5 new original compositions by Niebla as well as new songs by Toni Mora and Fabio Torres with lyrics in English, Spanish and Portuguese, demonstrating her unique style that marks the start of a new chapter in Niebla’s career.

The music in Renaissance reflects a New York contemporary jazz influence that Pepa has combined with stories of love, family and immigration to create a sincere and personal work. The album title, Renaissance, is connected to the tune She Was Born, that tells the story about a pregnant woman who is crossing the mediterranean sea on a … trying to survive. This is a homage to life and the spiritual rebirth; a metaphor that Niebla has had in her mind during the production of her first original work.

 Niebla’s writing is fresh and original, full of rich harmony that evolves in an intuitive way while reflecting her serious study of jazz harmony, vocals and composition. Niebla also shows her skills as a lyricist, having written the lyrics for her 5 songs as well as the two originals by Toni Mora. Her versatility allows her to sing in Spanish, English and Portuguese, bringing different cultural tones to her debut album.

Release date: 15th May 2020
Format: CD, vinyl and digital download

Recorded in Brussels (Belgium) at Jet Studios and Granada (Spain) at F. Romero Studios between April and November of 2019.
Mixed and Mastered by Dave Darlington in the US.

Band line up:
Pepa Niebla – vocals & compositions
Toni Mora – guitar & compositions
Mazime Moyaerts – piano
Alex Gilson – double bass
Daniel Jonkers – drums


1. Chains
2. Otro tiempo
3. Good Bless The Child
4. Ode To A Family
5. Renaissance
6. Lilyá
7. Green
8. Our love is here to stay
9. Words if you allow
10. All about Dance


Total 55 minutes


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