‘Warm and elegant, Pepa Niebla’s voice

reveals echoes of the great jazz divas’

Nuria Barrios, El País

Spanish singer and composer Pepa Niebla, is renowned for her versatile vocal technique and expressive singing style. Her musical journey began at the age of 18 when she moved to Granada, a city she considers her musical birthplace, to pursue Music Education at the University while receiving training in Classical Singing at the Conservatory Victoria Eugenia. During this period, Niebla had the opportunity to explore a wide range of musical genres as Granada boasts a rich musical landscape. This diverse environment allowed Pepa to immerse herself in various repertoires and gain invaluable experience.
In 2004, after completing her first degree, Niebla embarked on a transformative journey to La Habana (Cuba), where she spent three months deeply immersed in the Cuban repertoire and the cultural essence of Son, Feeling, and other music forms. This experience broadened her musical horizons and enriched her understanding of different music traditions.

After returning from La Habana and due to the lack of Jazz-focused study programs in Spain. London became Niebla’s destination of choice. Over six years in London, Pepa immersed herself in various roles gaining valuable experience in the Jazz Music Industry while working as a PA for renowned Bass Player Avishai Cohen while getting deeply involved in Music Education, Vocal Coaching, Gospel Music, and Photography.
In 2010, Pepa, was called up for her debut album -Pepa Niebla & Ricky Vivar ”Jazz al desnudo” – under the Spanish labels El Pescador and EMI Spain, showcasing her talent as a singer and where Pepa found the motivation to further her music career. This experience ignited her determination to pursue her jazz studies, leading her to Brussels to refine her skills at the Royal Conservatory from 2014 to 2019.

Pepa Niebla gained a distinction for both her bachellor and master’s in Jazz Studies at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels under the supervision of David Linx, Christophe Wallemme, Stephane Galland, attending masterclasses from international musicians such as Norma Winstone, John Clayton and Pete Churchill.

Soon in 2020 Pepa Niebla will see the release of Renaissance, Niebla’s first album of original compositions, featuring guitarist Toni Mora, pianist Maxime Moyaerts, double bassist Alex Gilson and award-winning drummer Daniel Jonkers. Renaissance offers 5 new original compositions by Niebla as well as new songs by Toni Mora and Fabio Torres with lyrics in English, Spanish and Portuguese, demonstrating her unique style that marks the start of a new chapter in Niebla’s career.

“Renaissance” is a project of introspection and maturity, delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic but eventually re-released in 2023 with the support of Giuseppe Millaci from Hypnote Records. The album’s growth mirrored the personal and artistic development of its musicians, forming a quintet with a strong jazz sensibility.

During the Renaissance tour in Spain, Pepa Niebla had the opportunity to collaborate with Catalan pianist Ignasi Terraza. This collaboration led to the creation of Pepa’s next album “En la orilla del Mundo,” which was released in February of 2023. Throughout that year, Niebla toured with pianist Ignasi Terraza, showcasing her versatility across diverse genres. This project also involved Ignasi’s jazz trio, featuring Horacio Fumero on double bass and Esteve Pi on drums. This collaboration represents a significant moment in Pepa Niebla’s musical career.

Her musical journey continues with a dedication to excellence, sharing live music moments and recordings with a diverse range of musicians, including Scott Hamilton, Ignasi Terraza, Andrea Motis, Bart Quartier, Bart de Nolf, Sal La Rocca and contemporaries such as Toni Mora, Hendrick Lasure, Antoine Pierre, Mimi Verderame, Daniel Jonkers, Jean-Paul Estievenart, Martin Salemi, Jasen Weaver, Vladimir Torres, Marcos Varela, Naíma Acuña, Maxime Moyaerts, Tomás Merlo, Noam Israeli, Alex Koo, among others.