Following the release of two albums by El Pescador and EMI España -and more recently (Feb 2023) with SwitRecords- Pepa Niebla reveals her talent as a composer and lyricist with her album ‘Renaissance’: Another dimension in which she reaches her artistic voice with a creative and formative evolution. She discovers herself and unveils her true persona. To achieve this, she is accompanied by a strong Jazz Rhythm section well-established in the local and international scene: Toni Mora, a guitarist from Madrid, Belgian pianist Maxime Moyaerts, Frenchman Alex Gilson on double bass, and Dutch drummer Daniel Jonkers.

The album’s music reflects an influence from contemporary New York jazz in the harmonic, rhythmic, and sound production approach. Within her song stories, Pepa speaks to us about healthy love, family, and society, creating a sincere and personal work. The album’s title, ‘Renaissance,’ pays homage to life and excellence. It invites us to follow our path and embrace our true essence. Both the writing and vocals are influenced by singers such as Dianne Reeves, Lizz Wright, Nancy Wilson, Carmen McRae, Gretchen Parlato, and Esperanza Spalding, and composers like Benny Golson, Bill Evans, Wayne Shorter, Pat Metheny, or Brian Blade & The Fellowship.

Renaissance was born out of thoughtful introspection and maturity and was supposed to blossom and captivate the public eye during the fateful March of 2020 when COVID-19. A difficult year where this and many other projects were paused -or left out- unable to be defended and enjoyed. Later in 2023, the project was able to come to fruition and brought Pepa Niebla and Giuseppe Millaci –artistic director at Hypnote Records- together and gave them the chance to meet several times. Already enthusiastic about the project from its early stages, Giuseppe saw this as an opportunity to give the project the destiny it deserves. But not everything was against it. The project has grown just as its musicians have had to grow during all this time to face the challenges. A quintet that deserves to express itself, based on its solidity and great connection. 

Happy to celebrate this new Renaissance” on Hypnote Records.


– ‘Pepa Niebla’s album is beautifully written and executed. It takes you on a journey. I highly recommend you check it out!’ Shai Maestro

– ‘It is always a pleasure to discover new talented composers that make use of their intuition to create well-balanced music with refined musical taste. I very much look forward to hearing new works and the musical evolution of Pepa Niebla!’ Michel Bisceglia

– ‘One of Pepa Niebla’s most notable qualities is the warmth of her voice as an extension of her persona.  She carrys her emotions directly to the audience’ Javier Ruibal

DATES 2020 – 2021

Album released 15th of May 2020

  14 / 04  Album Premier – Madrid CANCELED due to Covid

22 / 05 Album Release Brussels – CANCELED due to Covid

23 / 07  Masterclass Sala EMMA. Antequera. Málaga. SPAIN

23 / 07  Sala The Hall. Málaga. SPAIN

24 / 07  Nájera Jazz Festival. Málaga. SPAIN. SOLD OUT

25 / 07  Fest. Jazz en la Costa. Granada. SPAIN. SOLD OUT

29 / 07 Crest Jazz Competition – CANCELED due to Covid

08 / 10  Auditorio MVA – Málaga. SPAIN. SOULD OUT

06 / 11   JAZZ STATION – BELGIUM. CANCELED due to Covid

 13  / 11   Teatro Monumental. Madrid. SPAIN. TVE

29 / 07  Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. FRANCE. 2021

07 / 08  Festival de Jazzándaluz. SPAIN. 2021

30 / 10  Jazzahara Showcase – Zahara de Atunes Cádiz. SPAIN 2021

DATES 2019

31 / 01 The Music Village. Bruxelles. BELGIUM

12 / 01 Sounds JAZZ CLUB. Bruxelles. BELGIUM

22 / 02 Sala CAMM. Málaga. SPAIN. SOLD OUT

23 / 02 Master Class. CAMM. Málaga. SPA SOLD OUT

23 / 02 El Embarcadero. . Cádiz. SPA SOLD OUT

24 / 02 El Musicario. Cádiz. SPAIN

27 / 02 Sala Magic. Granada. SPAIN

28 / 02 Málaga Café. Córdoba. SPAIN

01 / 03 Master Class. Seville. SPAIN

01 / 03 Jazz Corner. Seville. SPAIN

02 / 03 JaenJazzy. Jaen. SPAIN SOLD OUT

02 / 03 Clasijazz. Almeria. SPAIN

08 / 03 Music Village. Bruxelles. BELGIUM

04 / 04 Sounds Jazz Club. Bruxelles. BELGIUM

15 / 05 Jazz a Uccle. Bruxelles. BEL. SOLD OUT

30 / 05 Sounds Jazz Club. Bruxelles. BELGIUM.

04 / 06 MIM. Bruxelles. BELGIUM

16 / 07 Master Class. Almuñecar. Granada. SPAIN

21 / 08 Claustros S. Domingo. Jerez. SPAIN

22 / 08 Jazz Plaza Festival. Granada. SPAIN. SOLD OUT

23 / 08 Jazz on the Patio. Antequera. SPAIN SOLD OUT

24 / 08 McArtney Bar. Cádiz. SPAIN

25 / 08 Anfiteatro Zahora. Cádiz. SPAIN

28 / 08 Music Village. Brussels. BELGIUM

29 / 08 Music Village. Brussels. BELGIUM

02 / 10 Dedicado a CELIA MUR. Fest Jazz Granada. SOLD OUT

13 / 12 Master Class. Asc. Ool YA Koo. Granada. SPAIN


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